BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad

14 by 14 $124.95 + $14.99 = $139.94
14 by 27 $153.99 + $18.48 = $172.47

Apply Therapeutic heat to the source of your pain

BodyMed Heating Pad features:

  • This heating pad is designed to provide temporary relief from pain resulting from muscular sprains, strains, as well as inflammation and joint pain.
  • This pad does not require water. It creates moisture using the humidity in the air.
  • LCD controls are easy to read and allow users to set their desired time, as well as monitor their treatment temperature. Maximum temperature of 166° F (74.4 C)
  • Prevents unintended changes in the controls through a lockout feature, during treatments
  • Heating pad, washable fleece cover, and an easy read instruction manual are all included
  • Pads are available in 2 sizes: 14 by 14 inches and larger 14 by 27 inch size.