About Avita Health Orthotics

We design and create custom orthotics to correct your foot function, alleviate pain, and help you stay active!

The purpose of an orthotic is to minimize unnecessary stress and strain on the bones, muscles and ligaments of the feet. Because your feet support the rest of your body, improper alignment of the feet can lead to compensation in other areas, resulting in any number of problems or injuries.

Custom orthotics work much like prescription eye glasses, they are an external device that does not alter the anatomy of the foot, but allows for improved function when you wear them.


$525 for one pair of orthotics, shipping and tax included. Check with your extended health plan provider to see if part or all of the cost of orthotics may be covered by your plan. The cost of the initial visit and fitting are treated like normal Physiotherapy visits (see pricing page).

Exception to direct billing. In the case of Orthotics, we are, unfortunately, not able to direct bill. The client must pay up front and submit to their extended plan for reimbursement. Thank you.

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