ICBC Patients Rates

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident you are automatically approved for treatment within 12 weeks from the date of your accident, or up to 25 treatments for physio/chiro or 12 treatments for massage, whichever is used up first. You do not require a Doctors note within the 12 week period. Treatments beyond this period will require authorization through ICBC and a Doctors note.


Cost: Initial visit/assessment – Fully covered by ICBC
Subsequent visits: $2 for a 30 minute treatment.

Why does Avita charge $2 per subsequent visit, when some clinics do not? The reason is that Avita does 30 minute one on one appointments with our Physiotherapists in order to get the best possible outcomes. Many other clinics either spend less time with patients, or they see multiple patients at the same time.


Cost: Initial visit/assessment - $8
Subsequent visits: $14 per visit.

Massage Therapy

Cost: Initial visit/assessment: The Initial visit cost is covered by ICBC
Subsequent visits: $31.30 for 60 minute appointments. At Avita we exclusively book 60 minute ICBC massage therapy appointments. This allows our Practitioners more time to focus on your condition and treatment plan. Our goal is to get you back to health as quickly as possible.


Cost: Initial visit/assessment - $12
Subsequent visits: $31 per visit.

In the event that you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, or you miss your appointment, we cannot bill your extended plan or ICBC. You will be responsible for the full cost of the appointment. This also applies if your Claim or Extended Benefits Provider deny payment. You will also be responsible for the full cost of the appointment. Thank you.

Clinical Counselling

Cost: Initial and Subsequent sessions are covered by ICBC on approved claims.

ICBC automatically grants 12 covered sessions within a 3 month period, from the date of the accident. At Avita, ICBC counselling is provided by Laurren Iacobellis RCC.

Isn’t it about time?

In a medical industry that emphasizes expedience and impersonal interactions, we are raising the bar. We prioritize a hands-on approach, and take the time to hear your personal story and learn your goals.

We deliver thorough assessments, education about your condition, and one-on-one treatment time – because we want YOU to get better as quickly as possible. We get it. We are athletes, parents, and professionals too!