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Massage North Vancouver

Massage North Vancouver Avita Health & Massage Therapy Center in North Vancouver serves the community with rehabilitation, prevention and maintenance through therapeutic massage techniques within a professional environment. Avita Massage Therapy treats a wide variety of conditions including occupational and posture related problems, accident related injuries, stress reduction, sports injury, pregnancy related issues, headaches, lymph and circulatory conditions and nerve conditions.
When thinking about Massage treatment in North Vancouver, knowing that all of Avita’s therapists are Registered Therapists makes it easy to make the choice to have their professionals Therapists work on your condition. All Avita Therapists must maintain a good standing with the B.C. College of Massage which upholds high standards and qualifications.
Avita believes in putting power in the hands of their patients by education designed to assist you in reaching your health goals and maintaining them. They offer low cost presentations given by a variety of speakers on a broad range of health topics.
The convenience of enjoying Massage Therapy at Avita is enhanced by:
- Direct billing for most extended health plans
- Extended hours (7:45 am to 8pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays)
- Full front end reception services
- Convenient and free parking
The Massage Therapists at Avita begin by learning what your individual health goals are and then working toward meeting your needs and reaching your goals by means of a therapeutic massage treatment plan that includes homecare advice to assist you in maintaining your health in your own home.
Avita offers Massage Therapy for sports injury including Massage techniques, Graston techniques, Active Release techniques and Kinesiology Taping, all designed to help athletes achieve optimal performance and recover from injury faster.
Enjoying therapeutic massage in North Vancouver is as easy as making an appointment at Avita Health & Massage Therapy Center. Massage North Vancouver
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Massage North Vancouver


Designed For Your Convenience

We offer "one on one" Physiotherapy, modern Chiropractic, Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Dietitian Counseling, and Counseling. We have a team of over 35 top Medical Practitioners and Front End Support Staff dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals. Once these goals have been reached, we seek to help you to develop the right home-care strategies that will ensure your continued success.

We offer:

  • Direct Billing for most extended health plans
  • Extended Hours (see our Rates and Hours page)
  • Convenient Free parking

Our dedicated team of Health Practitioners are trained to treat all of your muscle and joint issues, repetitive strain injuries, sports or motor vehicle accident injuries, headaches, nerve issues, pregnancy related challenges, and even many internal problems.

Growing Organically since 2001

Avita Health and Massage Therapy began serving North and West Vancouver in 2001. Since that time, we have grown to a team of 45 people, but we still hold to the same values with which we began. We believe that every client is valuable and that we need to be 100% invested each and every time that you visit our clinic. Our mission is to provide you with the best and most comprehensive care available, and to make you feel valued in the process.


Putting the power into your hands

At Avita we believe education is a key element in helping you to reach your health outcomes, and then maintain them. That’s why we offer free or low cost presentations by a variety of speakers on a broad range of health topics.

We are committed to providing useful talks on a range of subjects such as “Building a Better Back”, stress management, choosing a healthy diet, cancer information, work place ergonomics, exercise and stretching talks, information for expectant mothers, and sport specific presentations, to name a few. We believe in putting the power into your hands, so that you can realize your best health possible!